Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland was interviewed by PRS Guitars and gave some important clues and details about the band’s next possible project following their long waited tour.

After giving a break of ten years, Limp Bizkit finally released their latest and sixth studio album named ‘Still Sucks’ on October 31, 2021. The band had to work on the album for years because of their problems with record companies which the fans defined as ‘development hell.’

Therefore, the record’s release made their fans very excited and happy after looking forward to it for a very long time. Also, the band announced their upcoming Still Sucks Tour a while ago, which will begin on April 28, 2022, in Tampa and finish on May 31, in Ontario.

During his interview, Borland shared his ideas about the album and new tour, saying that they ‘cleared their pipes’ with the recent record. Hence, the band members are currently open to creating and working on the new projects, especially after concluding their live concerts.

Borland said in his interview that:

“Now that ‘Still Sucks’ has cleared our pipes, I feel that the comradery and creativity within the group are at an all-time high. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new album is in the works shortly after our 2022 touring concludes. Anything is possible.”

As fans can understand from the famous guitarist’s words, Limp Bizkit fans can hope to listen to new songs or an album from the band. Probably, we will hear more details about this soon.