Former Guns n’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein spoke in an interview with ‘Guns N’ Roses Central’ and revealed what Axl Rose really thinks about grunge legends Nirvana.

Here’s the statement:

“He (Axl Rose) loved Alice in Chains, he liked them a lot. I told you before but Axl had to get the guys in GN’R – in particular, Slash and Duff – to listen to Nirvana. He was like, ‘Guys, this is where music is going.'”

Listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement (via Alternative Nation).

Back in November 2018, Doug Goldstein claimed that Alan Niven (who managed GN’R between 1987 and 1991)  hired a satan specialist to cast spells Axl Rose.

Here’s the statement:

“[Current GN’R manager] Fernando Lebeis, you guys are unreal! Niven was with GN’R for three years and hired a Satan specialist to cast spells on Axl and myself…

I was with Axl for 17 years and more than doubled the band’s royalty rate. Niven gets thanked on the new box set and nothing mentioning me… Wow.”

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