The 45th and current president of the United States, Donald Trump has praised the Guns N’ Roses‘ music video for their song, ‘November Rain,’ as he called it the greatest music video of all time during an interview for a memoir.

As you may know, there is an ongoing feud between Donald Trump and the Guns N’ Roses’ vocalist, Axl Rose for the recent years now. In November 2016, Rose criticized Trump’s choice for the U.S. attorney general and reacted to him for demanding an apology from the cast of ‘Hamilton’ after Mike Pence was booed during the musical.

Soon after, Axl Rose beat a large piñata designed to look like Trump during the band’s concert in Mexico City with their fans. Later in 2018, Rose also accused Trump of the root of the problem about the California wildfires due to his neglect of climate change.

Despite all these events and the latest statement of Axl Rose slamming the administration of Donald Trump while calling them extremely irresponsible, the current president has expressed his admiration for the Guns N’ Roses’ music video of ‘November Rain.’

During a conversation for the memoir, which was named ‘Speaking For Myself: Faith, Freedom, And The Fight Of Our Lives Inside The Trump White House,’ of the former White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump revealed that he thinks it is the best music video ever.

Here is what was said in the Twitter post releasing the section Trump said these in the book:

November Rain‘ played at Trump Michigan rally tonight.

Sarah Huckabee writes in her book about how Trump added it to the playlist in 2018 and made SHS and Hope Hicks watch the Guns N’ Roses video in the Oval Office because it was the ‘greatest music video of all time.’

You can see the tweet and the music video of ‘November Rain’ below.