Reliable rock journalist Eddie Trunk addressed possibility of Van Halen reunion during a recent episode of his podcast on SiriusXM Radio.

According to Trunk, Eddie Van Halen ‘looking positive’ to possible Van Halen reunion but he can change his mind at any time. Here’s the statement:

“I can get there is a great frustration with Van Halen fans, I understand that. Van Halen is something that we almost talk about daily. The people want to call up and want to talk about [Van Halen], and there are a whole new fresh round of rumors, and I stretch rumors that may indeed do something.

However, nothing has been confirmed in any way, shape or form. I know, every couple of hours I get a text or email from someone, who is in the business or the fringes of the business and they’re like: “hey, so I hear it’s happening – stadiums, Michael [Anthony’s] back in, [Wolfgang] is opening, all these scenarios and I say the same thing in regards to all of them, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ll address it when I see it. It’s fun to speculate, that’s what we do but I understand the frustration.”

He continued:

“This is what we do, I’ve talked about it before, the frustration with Van Halen comes from the fact that they don’t reveal anything, they aren’t active on social media, they don’t give you anything until they have to and nobody really knows what’s going on. They don’t talk, they don’t do interviews, you don’t know. That being said, as frustrating as it Is and as much as we would like it to be different as fans, they don’t owe you anything. If they’re inactive, they’re inactive.

Here’s what I say, if Van Halen are going to do something, you really want them to do it when they feel they’re ready, it’s right, they’re in shape and they’re healthy. What happens if they do something and it’s not that good? I’m going to be taking calls here for weeks: ‘[David Lee] Roth can’t sing, Eddie [Van Halen] was a mess, it wasn’t good…etc.’

So who knows what’s going on? Who knows? The true, real answer to that question is the only guy that knows is Eddie Van Halen. Because if you believe another person that contacted me recently, even their manager said ‘yeah we’re looking at stuff but Eddie can change his mind at any time.’

So, even if you’re going to engage in the rumors that are out there, know that can change and that if there was something to that rumor the guy can change his mind. We just don’t know and until there is an official statement, it’s kind of having fun speculating but there’s nothing there to talk about [officially] right now. There is nothing at all confirmed, from an official source.”

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