Bassist Andriy Vasylenko shared an interesting video that showing what if Cliff Burton played bass guitar on Metallica’s classic album “And Justice For All”.

These kinds of videos have been done a lot but, i think this is the best bass guitar arrangement for And Justice For All. Check it out from the below.

Vasylenko explains why he has done this video:

“Of course, you’ve thought about it – what if Cliff were still alive and recorded all the Metallica albums featured Jason Newsted. This topic often leads to a hot discussion, that makes no sense, actually. Nevertheless, the question ‘what if’ could teach some interesting things in terms of music.

So, this is my speculative And Justice For All bass medley, how it might sound with Cliff’s bass arrangement approach, based on what I’ve learned making Total Cliff. Just take it easy and express your tolerant point in comments. R.I.P. Cliff \m/”