One of the biggest Freddie Mercury fan pages, ‘Freddie Mercury Club,’ has posted a new photo on Instagram, discussed how it would be if Queen legend used social media.

As we all know, the ‘LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder’ meme is the new trend of social media and many celebrities used this meme to adapt a collage of mock-up profile pictures of themselves.

The fan page of Freddie Mercury has finished this curiosity and adapted Freddie Mercury’s photos to the social media trend, showed the world many different sides of him. The followers headed to the comment section to show their reaction to the meme.

Here’s what the fan page captioned:

“If Freddie used social media 😁🔥😍 P.S. Just imagine following Freddie on his different pages and see the stuff he posts…😩”

A fan named paula.schotter said this:

“I bet his Instagram would be stuffed with cat pics 😂 especially Delilah”

Another fan named pkhyoo wrote this:

“If He was alive now he would be too old ….”

See the Instagram photo below.