Trivium vocalist and full-time Twitch streamer, Matt Heafy, took his official Instagram account to share a funny comment about himself and made everybody laugh with this meme.

During the recent article on the Ultimate Guitar, Matt was talking about his Twitch channel, explaining how much money he earns from the streaming. Besides that article, a comment made by ‘klly_mllns’ vent viral on social media.

This fan of Matt praised Matt’s personality and stated that he is the answer to what if James Hetfield and Dave Grohl had kids. Also, Matt shared this comment and showed how he reacted to it.

Here is what klly_mllns wrote in the comment:

“Matt is great.  He’s sort of like if Dave Grohl and James Hetfield had a kid.”

Matt Heafy said:

“This made me smile.”

You can check out the post below.

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This made me smile.

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