Ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison is one of the world’s greatest drummers. Plus, Lars Ulrich is one of the most respected drummers in the metal world. The drum sound that Lars created on the Justice album is still a source of inspiration for many bands.

Youtuber Josh Steffen played like these two drums in a single video. What if Joey Jordison had drums on Metallica’s legendary album And Justice For All? You can find the answer to this question on the following video.

Josh’s note:

Yes, you read right! I tried to approach the song with the early Joey sensibilities. Surprisingly, I didn’t put much forethought into this. I had the idea and went for it. This was fun! Enjoy.

There is another video similar to this video. Here is, what If Lars Ulrich played drums on Megadeth’s “Holy Wars”. Click here to watch.