Metallica’s Master of Puppets album was released in 1986 and the opening song of the album, “Battery” is one of the group’s most favorite songs for many people. What if this song had been recorded by Slayer?

Youtuber guy “That Headband Guy” did an interesting cover work. He performed the Metallica’s Battery with guitar and drum tones that Slayer used on different albums.

He also used legendary scream of Tom Araya in intro from their classic song “Angel of Death”. Check it out below.

“That Headband Guy” is a great Youtuber that really does a lot of different things. Click to visit his channel. Here is the his note for the video:

“As close as I could possibly get without tearing my face off. Yes, Battery. In E Flat. Slayer style. Guest appearances from Tom Araya, Dave Lombardo and the late-great Jeff Hanneman himself.”