Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett is considered one of the best guitarists of all time with the help of his remarkable career in Metallica. He was ranked No. 11 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

One of the main reasons behind his success is his endless passion and admiration for almost every Metallica song. In fact, he listed his favorite songs during one of his previous pre-stage interviews, and we’re here today to take a closer look at this list.

‘No Leaf Clover’

‘No Leaf Clover‘ belonged to Metallica’s live album ‘S&M,’ released on March 20, 2000. The band teamed up with the San Francisco Symphony and was highly praised by both fans and critics as it combined clean choruses with heavily distorted guitars. Kirk Hammett stated that it was one of his favorites songs to play.

Kirk Hammett talked about the song, saying:

“I really enjoy playing ‘No Leaf Clover,’ and it’s relatively new.”

Have a listen to the track below.

‘Jump in the Fire’

‘Jump in the Fire’ was released as the second and final single of Metallica’s debut album entitled ‘Kill ‘Em All.’ Initially, former lead guitarist Dave Mustaine started to work on the song, but then it was changed by Hetfield and Ulrich. It became Hammett’s other favorite, especially after they changed the riff from F to G.

Kirk Hammett said in the interview that:

“I really enjoy playing ‘Jump in the Fire’ and now that we’re playing with F-star rather than G.”

Check out the track.

‘Seek & Destroy’

Another ‘Kill ‘Em All’ track that managed to take place on Kirk Hammett’s list of all-time favorite Metallica songs to play was ‘Seek & Destroy.’ Also, the song was the first track that they recorded in a studio. Not only Metallica fans but Kirk Hammett also highly appreciates the song.

In Hammett’s words, he said:

“I love playing ‘Seek & Destroy.'”

‘Seek and Destroy’ is right below for you to listen to.

‘Dyers Eve’

Metallica released their fourth studio album ‘…And Justice for All,’ which was the band’s first album after their bassist Cliff Burton’s tragic death. Kirk Hammett defined one of its tracks, ‘Dyers Eve,’ as his favorite while describing it as a very challenging song.

Here’s what Hammett said about the song:

“Of course, I like playing ‘Dyers Eve’ because it’s a challenge every time we play it. Every time I play that guitar solo and I pulled it off and I’m like yeah I did it again. It’s a really difficult guitar solo for me to play.”

Have a listen to ‘Dyers Eve’ now.


Featured in ‘…And Justice for All,’ ‘Blackened’ became one of Metallica’s most popular and commercially successful songs. It gained great popularity and critical acclaim with its unique lyrics and Hammett’s guitar performance.

Kirk Hammett stated in his interview that:

“I love playing ‘Blackened’ as well.”

Check out ‘Blackened.’


‘Frantic’ was the opening track of Metallica’s eighth studio album, ‘St. Anger’ released on June 5, 2003. The song was based on Hetfield’s alcohol addiction and other band members’ addiction problems. Hammett stated that he enjoyed and had fun while playing ‘Frantic.’

Hammett named the song his favorite saying:

“I really enjoy playing ‘Frantic,’ and I think it’s a great song to play, and I really have fun playing there.”

Have a listen to ‘Frantic’ below.

‘Sanitarium (Welcome Home)’

‘Sanitarium,’ also known as ‘Welcome Home,’ was released in the band’s third studio album, ‘Master of Puppets’ on March 3, 1986. It was the last album featuring Cliff Burton before he died in a bus accident. The song also took place in Kirk Hammett’s list of his favorite songs to play.

In Hammett’s words, he stated:

“I love playing ‘Sanitarium.’ Actually I love playing them all.

‘Welcome Home’ is for you to listen right below.

It can be said that Kirk Hammett’s list of his favorite Metallica songs to play is very long, but considering the band’s longevity, that shouldn’t be surprising. During the interview, Kirk also stated that he loves all of the band’s songs as a guitar player and added that he never gets bored of playing them.

You can watch the interview below.