In an interview with Kaaos TV, In Flames frontman Anders Fridén talked about the false expectations related to the financial status of touring bands by revealing how he and the band affected by the lockdown period due to Covid-19.

As you know, In Flames released their fifth studio album ‘Clayman’ on July 3, 2000. They have been working on the twentieth-anniversary edition of their much-anticipated project which would be a re-recorded version of the album.

Recently, In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén joined an interview with Kaaos TV to talk about how he and his bandmates had been spending the lockdown days due to the coronavirus pandemic. Anders mentioned they were affected greatly by the lockdown period since their business was mostly on hold.

Furthermore, Fridén shared the details of the financial status of their band considering the fact that they had to stay home instead of touring and clarified a misunderstanding about the tour bands. According to Anders, people usually expect a touring band or a touring musician to have a lot of money, however, that is not the real case.

Here’s how Anders Fridén explained the common misconception of the tour bands:

“There have been musicians that actually have been awarded some help and then they got shit from other people ’cause they think that they don’t need it – because they are rich musicians already.

Everybody thinks that just because you’re a touring band, a touring musician, you have so much money in your pocket. There’s been some help, for sure, but speaking for me, it might be one and a half years or two years of completely nothing – no income, basically… From the touring side, of course.

It’s different types of fields. Musicians and people that work with culture don’t get as much money ’cause I think they look at us like we should be happy and we should do it for free, sort of.

I don’t envy the politicians because there’s a lot of really tough decisions. ‘There’s not all the money in the world, so everybody can get help’. I understand it’s difficult.”

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