Mötley Crüe icon Mick Mars‘ wife Seraina Mars posted a picture of the latest activity they enjoyed together as a couple and revealed how Mick had been spending time since his farewell to the fans.

As you might remember, last week, Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars shared a tweet revealing his sincere feelings about the support he had been receiving from the fans since the beginning of his music career.

Mick also mentioned he was still hoping to perform in front of the crowds as soon as possible even though they had to postpone their reunion plans for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ending his emotional message, Mars bid farewell to his fans and followers until the next time.

Recently on Instagram, Mick’s lovely wife Seraina Mars posted a picture of their latest activity as a couple related to Halloween. In the caption of her post, Seraina mentioned she sculpted a half skull and made several duplicates from the original. Apparently, Mick, a.k.a. Marsman, also joined her to paint the skulls with their personal Halloween-themed designs.

Here’s what Seraina Mars stated in the caption of her post:

“A while ago, I sculpted a half skull and made a few duplicates in plaster.

Today, the Marsman and I each painted one. Marsman went stealth😎☠️💀🎃”

You can see the photo Seraina Mars posted on her Instagram account below.