The legendary Black Sabbath icon who is also known as The Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, was the main subject of Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith’s latest interview with SiriusXM.

Chad Smith talked about how does he feel while playing drums on Ozzy Osbourne’s new album, and he also unearthed Ozzy’s feelings and thoughts about The Beatles and Paul McCartney.

According to Chad, Ozzy Osbourne loves The Beatles very much, and they are the all-time favorite band of Ozzy at all.

Here is what Chad said to SiriusXM:

“Having Ozzy do new music, anyone that we mentioned it to – ‘We’re making music for Ozzy’ – everyone wants in. Anyone we spoke to.

So we wanted it to be the right people, we didn’t wanna just throw in names for names – people that love Ozzy, which is pretty much everybody anyway, but that made sense.

The single that’s out now, called ‘Straight to Hell,’ he [Slash] soloed at the end of that. Classic Slash wah-wah – bluesy, great. But, really, we wanted him to play on this song that is the title song, which is called ‘Ordinary Man,’ this more mid-tempo, kind of Beatles…”

He continued:

“Ozzy loves The Beatles, it’s his favorite band. He’s going on about The Beatles, ‘The Beatles, Beatles, Beatles…’ And you would think, ‘The Prince of Darkness, The Beatles… really?’ So he’s, like, ‘We need something mid-tempo, not so heavy.’

So Andrew had this little piano idea thing, and we made it into this song, and it’s epic. And Slash plays the solo. It’s so epic, there’s two Slash solos. [Laughs] It’s a really good song. And he plays beautifully on it, and we’re so happy to have him on it.”

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