On Twitter, former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach posted a tweet showing his support for the presidential candidate Joe Biden and revealed what Ozzy Osbourne stated about the death of rock and roll which he claimed Donald Trump was responsible for.

The iconic vocalist Sebastian Bach has been openly showing his disapproval of President Trump‘s statements often on social media. Bach also previously called Donald Trump a dictator and claimed he destroyed the America we knew.

Recently on Twitter, Sebastian Bach commented on the tweet Joe Biden announced his nomination for President of the U.S. In his comment, Bach stated that he was hopeful of Biden bringing rock and roll back and he added Joe Biden was ‘our only hope.’

Here’s what Sebastian Bach stated in his comment on Joe Biden’s tweet:

Honored to have Joe Biden fight to make music exist again for all rock n’ rollers, for school to exist again for all children of America. You are our only hope man. Thank you. #MakeAmericaExistAgain

As a response to Bach’s tweet, a fan reminded that the legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne told the world that it was not possible to kill rock and roll almost 40 years ago with his song ‘You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll.’ The song was released with Ozzy’s 1981 album ‘Diary of a Madman‘ which sold over 3 million copies up to now.

Furthermore, Sebastian Bach replied to the fan’s comment about Ozzy Osbourne and stated Ozzy knew that no one could kill rock and roll long before Donald Trump tried to end it. He also emphasized the importance of voting for the one who was on the side of science instead of Trump who act like a character from a reality show.

Here’s what Sebastian Bach stated about the foresight Ozzy Osbourne had:

Ozzy told us that about three decades before Donald Trump ended rock and roll in March 2020. November 3rd, we have the chance to make rock n’ roll exist again. if we vote for science instead of reality tv.

You can see the tweet Sebastian Bach posted on his Twitter account below.