In a recent interview with The Metal Voice from Canada, ex-Quiet Riot’s co-founder, bassist and best friend of Randy Rhoads, Kelly Garni has revealed what Randy had really thought about Black Sabbath.

The host of the podcast, Jimmy Kay asked about their opinions of Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper at the time in the early years, Garni responded (transcriped by The Metal Voice):

“Black Sabbath to us were trying to be evil. Randy Rhoads and I didn’t really get it. That is why it’s so weird that Randy Rhoads ended up with Ozzy because we never listened to Black Sabbath, we didn’t think they were very talented.

Randy and I loved Alice Cooper it was a whole different realm of music, this was like going to see a horror movie. Black Sabbath to us was like a church of evil to us.

That is how we saw them. When you went to see Alice Cooper you understood the entertainment value, it was a show. The Black Sabbath guys to us at the time appeared to be really into worshipping the devil and our upbringing didn’t support believing into anything like that.

We didn’t want to be evil at all. Alice appeared to be more crazy than evil. When Randy first told me he joined Ozzy I was like really Ozzy? We hated that shit but Randy said this was different he got to write the music and work with these other guys well respected artists.”

When asked if Randy appreciated the position in being in Ozzy band, Garni said:

“Randy was given free reign in Ozzy and was really appreciative of Ozzy giving him the opportunity. Randy felt pretty lucky to be playing and writing with band. I know he was particular close with Bob Daisey.

Also Bob deserves a lot of credit for helping Randy getting out of his shell that Randy was put in the Quiet Riot days by the people who managed us.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.