Overnight Showbiz/TV Reporter James Brinsfrod released a recent article in Mirror and revealed the last ever known wish of late Queen legend, Freddie Mercury.

According to these recent reports, Freddie Mercury wanted his friends to carry him to some place in his home to see his artworks before he died.

One of the best friends of Freddie and personal agent, Peter Freestone recently interviewed by Express Online and gave the specific details.

Here are his statements:

“Freddie was downstairs in Garden Lodge on the 20th November, as he wanted to see some of his artworks for one last time.

Terry carried him down the stairs, but he walked around the sitting room and Japanese room, with one of us supporting him.

He commented on how and when he had acquired a few of the pieces [in his home]. Of course, there was a quiet atmosphere in the house during those last days, but Freddie remained the Freddie we knew until the end.”

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