Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix spoke about the upcoming album of the band in the recent interview with Jose Mangin and explained what kind of songs that they will be working on.

In the conversation, Jacoby said that they planned to enter the studio in July and scheduled to release the album before September. Also, he revealed that they have over seven songs ready for the recording.

Furthermore, Jacoby explained the album by saying that the writings are on fire. As he stated in, the songs are heavy and nuts and full of heavy and aggressive riffs. Additionally, he unveiled that some of the records are experimental, which he describes them as all-over-the-place-type stuff.

Here is what Jacoby Shaddix said in the interview:

“We went in for the second round of songwriting, and now we have, I think, seven or eight pieces of music for the next record.

We’re gonna be in the studio, I think, probably in July, August time cutting the new record and finishing up an album before September, I would think. And later on in the year, we’re gonna be dropping a new track. We’ve got a new record coming at the top of 2021.”

He continued:

“The stuff we’re writing right now is fucking on fire, dude. Some of it’s just heavy and nuts and just aggressive with these massive, big, pummeling riffs.

And then there’s other stuff that’s that kind of experimental all-over-the-place-type stuff. We wrote this other song, like a ballad, where it’s just guitar and vocals, and it’s so stirring and emotional.

This time has definitely stirred up something in the band that’s coming out really cool in the music.”

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