Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil Zappa spoke in an interview with Sounding Off and explained what would Frank Zapp think about current music market. He said:

“He already was sort of predicting that it would just become a corporate mess. The thing is, the industry itself imploded and it operates in a way that is pretty shameful. But on the other hand, there are options to get to be able to hear music that you never would have.

So in that way he’d probably be excited about that. But it’s still hard for that music to find larger audience. So theoretically, anything can be popular if it gets enough exposure.”

Also, he revealed the guitar that he recommend:

Depends on what kind of tuning. If you’re talking about that low tuning… I mean, I don’t really play that stuff so much, so I think a lot of the guitars that people are playing these days, there’s that Strandberg-style guitar that is built in such a way that can withstand all kinds of different tunings.

“But if you’re just gonna be playing something… If you’re talking metal like Iron Maiden or something, you can get away with any guitar. I like playing SGs because it gives you access to the top notes very easily. And typically – at least the ones I have – stay in tune pretty well.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

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