The co-founder and bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, recently responded to a difficult question about music through his Twitter account and surprised his fans with his controversial response to a hardtoanswer question.

As you know, Flea is one of the rockstars who enjoy using their social media accounts the most. He has thousands of fans following him on Instagram and Twitter, but also a number of friends with whom he occasionally interacts. Recently, a friend of his, a music publicist, posted a tweet and asked one of the most difficult questions to answer considering his favorite song lyric ever.

However, Flea was ready to answer that question, but the fact that his favorite lyric is from a Hip Hop song definitely shocked his fans. For Flea, the coolest lyric that was ever written comes from the famous rap rock band Beastie Boys. ‘Pass the Mic’ seems to be one of Flea’s most favorite songs as the lyric that he cited comes from that track.

Pass the Mic‘ was one of Beastie Boys’ most famous tracks and it peaked at number 38 on the Hot Dance Music chart. The lyric ‘Everyone’s rapping like it’s a commercial, acting like life is a big commercial’ apparently stayed with Flea who responded to the ‘coolest song lyric’ question with these lines created by Mike D.

Here’s what the Twitter user asked:

“What’s the coolest song lyric ever written?”

To which Flea responded by saying:

“Everyone’s rapping like its a commercial, acting like life is a big commercial -Mike D”

You can check out Flea’s tweet below.