In January 2020, videographer Andrew Bennett released a photobook covering the time he spent with Eddie Van Halen. The book was titled ‘Eruption in the Canyon: 212 Days & Nights with the Genius of Eddie Van Halen,’ and it consisted of a rare collection of photographs along with stories told by the guitarist.

One of those stories in the book was about a jam session and a possible collaboration between Van Halen and Limp Bizkit. At those times, Limp Bizkit was looking for someone as a replacement for Wes Borland. Later, the band’s frontman Fred Durst and Eddie met at a party, and a record label suggested they work together.

Following that, Eddie went to Durst’s house, and they started to jam together. During the session, people started smoking weed, which resulted in Eddie leaving the house without even taking his instruments. However, the guitarist wanted his equipment back.

Eddie Van Halen Put A Gun To Fred Durst’s Head

A day after the incident, Eddie tried to reach Fred Durst for 24 hours, but Durst didn’t answer back. Therefore, the guitarist decided to take his instruments back in a very unusual and violent way, which he described as overreacting many years later.

According to Andrew Bennett, Van Halen had bought a tank at that time, which he drove into the house Limp Bizkit was rehearsing. He then got out of the tank and rushed to the door without a shirt. When Durst answered the door, Eddie put a gun to his head and wanted his gear back. Durst then asked one of his employees to give them to him, and Eddie waited with his gun at front of the house until he took them back.

As reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, Bennett recalled the incident as:

“Eddie once bought an assault vehicle from a military auction. It has a shining gun mount on the back and is not legal. Eddie drove that assault vehicle through L.A., into Beverly Hills, then parked and left it running on the front lawn of the house Limp Bizkit was rehearsing in. He got out wearing no shirt, his hair in a Samurai bun on top of his head, his jeans held up with a strand of rope, and combat boots held together by duct tape. He had a gun in his hand.

That asshole answered the door. I put my gun to that stupid fucking red hat of his, and I said, ‘Where’s my shit, motherf’cker?’ That fucking guy just turned to one of his employees and starts yelling at him to grab my shit.

Eddie Van Halen stood on the front lawn of a residential home in Beverly Hills in broad daylight, smoking a cigarette while holding a gun on Fred Durst as he went back and forth from the house to the assault vehicle, lugging amps and guitars.”

After learning this story filled with violent acts, one can say that defining Eddie Van Halen as a volcano ready to erupt any time is one of the most suitable descriptions for the late legendary guitarist.