There’s no doubt that artists sometimes bump into crazy fans during live performances. The most usual incident is that sometimes fans from the audience somehow manage to pass the security and jump on stage while their favorite artists perform. Since Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is considered one of the greatest guitarists in history, he often comes across people who are willing to do anything to get a closer look.

Although the security frequently stops these fans before they reach their favorite musician, there was a time when a Slash fan jumped on stage, knocked the guitarist down, and caused his guitar to break. We’re here today to see those moments and how the musician reacted following the incident.

Slash Was Knocked Down By A Fan And His Guitar Was Broken

While performing one of the greatest tracks of Guns N’ Roses, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ in Milano back in 2010, Slash was physically attacked by a fan who jumped on stage. After being knocked down by a fan. A security guard was able to take that fan down before they caused a serious accident.

During the unexpected incident, singer Myles Kennedy seemed like he was in shock as the fan grabbed the guitarist all of a sudden. However, the band kept performing the track while the security ensured that there was no future harm to the rest of the band.

Being shaken from the incident, Slash pulled himself together following the attack and kept on playing his guitar. After realizing that his signature Gibson guitar was broken and sounding peculiar, the Guns N’ Roses icon had to leave the stage to fix his guitar.

Fortunately for their fans, this horrible incident didn’t prevent the band from completing the show. After returning to the stage, Slash performed the iconic track with the band and proved how concentrated and professional he is.

You can watch the moments below.