The Beatles’ new documentary revealed a shocking detail about the relationship between the band members. In 1969, a year before the release of the iconic album ‘Let It Be,’ George Harrison quit The Beatles briefly for five days. John Lennon warned the musician that Eric Clapton would replace him if he did not return soon.

The Beatles broke up in 1970 but the members continued to impact the world with their solo work. Before their breakup, there was high tension between the band members while recording their last album, ‘Let It Be.’ It was revealed in their new documentary ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ that this tension almost led the band’s guitarist George Harrison to be replaced by Eric Clapton.

George Harrison was irritated with John Lennon and Paul McCartney because his songs didn’t grab as much attention as the duo’s. Also, he didn’t want to perform a live show after the release of ‘Let It Be.’ John Lennon got upset, stated that he would replace Harrison with Clapton.

Here is how Lennon threatened Harrison:

“I think if George doesn’t come back by next week, we ask Eric Clapton to play.”

After Harrison’s brief separation and return, the band released the album and added more to their fame and glory. Yet, they broke up in the same year and continued producing solo work after the ‘miserable experience’ of creating their last album together.

This was all revealed in their upcoming documentary ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ directed and produced by Peter Jackson with more than 55 hours of footage and 140 never before heard audios of the band members.

The short documentary series will be released in November 2021, as it was rescheduled following the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. However, Peter Jackson treated the Beatles fans by sharing a part of the documentary before the official release to excite them about this project.

You can watch the sneak peek below.