Marilyn Manson is not known as a child-friendly live performer. Among many things, he is famous for his controversial stage personality that makes his live performances unpredictable. Fans often don’t know what to expect from a Manson concert since he sometimes destroys expensive equipment, takes his clothes off, and leaves the stage.

From having disputes with the audience, hurting himself by accident, to having fights with his band members, Marilyn Manson surely has countless crazy on-stage incidents. During his career that spans over more than three decades, Manson has struggled to work with musicians from his band continuously due to his on-stage attitude.

The rocker had troubles with fellow musicians, his fans, and himself a few times. However, one time, the controversial musician purposefully harmed himself during a live performance, which was shocking to see, even for the singer. Let’s take a closer look into the time when he exceeded his fans’ expectations of crazy.

Marilyn Manson Cut Himself While Performing

Marilyn Manson’s show at the USANA Amphitheater on August 9, 2016, started out pretty normal as he was singing, casually dancing, and swinging his microphone happily around the stage.

However, things took a sharp turn when a tech guy showed up holding a razor blade. After handing the razor to Manson, fans were pretty confused since the razor seemed rather extreme, even for the singer.

The musician started cutting his hands with the blade while continuing to perform. Although he didn’t actually bleed out as much as his fans expected after cutting his hand numerous times, it was painful to watch the rocker self-harm in front of thousands of people.

According to many fans in the comments section, the pain and the blood makes Marilyn Manson euphoric on stage, like many other substances such as cocaine. If you ask his audience, Manson finds strength in showing pain while performing as it gives him courage and thrill, which doesn’t sound healthy, but it’s Manson, after all.

You can watch those moments below.