Maynard James Keenan is a multifaceted artist who is a musician, military veteran, record producer, winemaker, and actor but he is mostly known as the singer and the lyricist of Tool and Puscifer. Keenan has released five studio albums with Tool and four with Puscifer.

The rockstar formed Tool with Adam Jones in Los Angeles back in 1990. The band had a heavy metal sound on their debut album ‘Undertow,’ and they became prominent figures of the alternative metal scene with their album ‘Ænima.’ Along with a successful music career, Keenan has also appeared on several television shows and movies as an actor.

Although he’s a famous musician and an actor, Keenan is often considered a recluse. As it appears, he tries to remain out of trouble and stay away from the chaos. Despite Keenan’s efforts to control his public image and focus on his own life, he was once accused of a shameful deed, sexually assaulting a minor.

A 17-Year Old Woman Made Rape Allegations Against Maynard James Keenan

As a part of the ‘Me Too’ movement, an anonymous Twitter account posted a series of tweets back in 2018, accusing Maynard James Keenan of raping her in 2000. She claimed that Keenan took her to a VIP area and raped her when she was 17. The anonymous user ‘I Was 17 He Was 36’ also revealed that there was no consent and she was not under the effect of any substance during the assault.

In her tweets, she said that Keenan noticed her in the crowd and met her at a VIP area where he signed her hand for an autograph. She then stated that he asked her age and took her into his tour bus to rape her. The user also claimed that Keenan gave her HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. As she accused Keenan 8 years after the incident, she found it vital to say that the reason she kept it to herself was her fear of not being believed.

The anonymous user’s claims on her Twitter were:

“I was 17 and he was 36. I went to see A Perfect Circle and NIN in the year 2000 with my high-school boyfriend. We were looking forward to this all year as both of us were really huge fans, teenagers obsessed with great music. We were in the front row and my boyfriend had his arms around me.

The band started. Maynard noticed me in the crowd. Not that it matters what I wore, but I was wearing a NIN tank top and baggy cargo pants with flat-soled combat boots. Maynard saw me and threw a water bottle in my direction. The guy next to me caught it. My boyfriend and I laughed and thought that was cool. Minutes later, a heavy-set, blonde, white woman came out to meet us.

She looked at me and asked, ‘Do you want to meet the band?’ I said, ‘Can my boyfriend come with me?’ The heavyset woman said, ‘I only have one pass. You can meet them now if you want.’ I told my BF that I’d see him in a few minutes, and then I followed her backstage. She led me back to the VIP area, and I never saw her again. Maynard was sitting on a picnic table and was staring at me.”

She went on to narrate:

“NIN hadn’t gone on yet so I thought I had plenty of time to get an autograph and get back to the show and my boyfriend. I didn’t have a piece of paper, so I asked Maynard to sign my hand. I was ready to go back with my BF. NIN was starting and I didn’t want to miss it. But Maynard kept chatting. He asked me how old I was. I said, ‘I’m 17.’ Then he said, ‘I can’t talk to you here, let’s go watch a movie’ and he pulled me away from everyone and onto a tour bus.

He led me to a bed in the back on the bus and closed the door. He put on ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’ I decided to watch a few minutes and at least have a weird story to tell my boyfriend later. Yes, 17-year-olds can be naïve. This is why older men target teenage girls.

He started rubbing my neck. At this point, I fell silent. He talked about the film, Johnny Depp, and Hunter S. Thompson while he started taking his pants off. All I could do was sit there, looking at the movie, unable to move. I froze so he had to move my body into a missionary position.

He pulled off my cargo pants. He forced himself in – there was no attempt at ‘warming up.’ I mention this because this wasn’t about sex. This was about raping me as fast as he could. He penetrated my vagina without a condom, moving rapidly, while I lay there frozen in stunned silence. If I sound clinical it’s because it has been a long time and I have tried to push down any sort of fear or shame that comes with a rape.

There was no consent made. I was not high. I was clean. He did not seduce me, he forced me, quickly taking advantage of my paralyzed state. It took me years to process his actions. He came all over my torso and didn’t wipe me off. There were stains on my tank top when I left.

I don’t remember the next few minutes but I do remember this – my boyfriend was waiting for me at the doorway where I had been lead. His face was sick with worry. I didn’t want to upset him so I kept it to myself. I’m sure to some this doesn’t sound like rape. I’m telling this story because in the year 2000 the conversation about consent was non-existent, at least not at my high school. Statutory rape in this state is 16 and under. Lucky for him he beat it by 1 year.”

She concluded by saying:

“It has been 18 years and I’m still working through the trauma of that assault. Me Too and Times Up has been an eye-opener. I hope that everyone gets a chance to heal. I hope I can heal. Maybe telling your story is part of the healing process for victims of sexual assault. I kept it in for years because I knew I wasn’t going to be believed by the legion of dedicated fans.

Because he chose to not use a condom when he raped me, he also gave me a strain of HPV, which thankfully was not the cancerous type. Later on, I heard from a male friend that he did this in every city, at every show. He preferred underage girls (or as close to underage as he could get). What happened to me has likely happened to a lot of underage girls by this same man.”

Upon seeing the tweets, Maynard James Keenan responded to the rape allegations via his Twitter account. He described the rape accusation as a despicable false claim. Keenan then added that this ‘destructive clickbait’ only does damage to the Me Too movement.

Maynard James Keenan’s now-deleted tweet read:

“Many thanks to those of you who saw right through this despicable false claim that only does damage to the #metoo movement. And shame on those of you who perpetuate this destructive clickbait. As for my delayed but un-required response, I had my phone off. You should try it.”

Keenan has not been charged with any crime as these allegations weren’t proven. He also did not make any public statement. So, it remains uncertain whether he really raped the 17-year-old or not.

You can check out the first two tweets of the thread below.