There are numerous names in the history of metal music that made the headlines with unbelievable stories that created quite the controversy. According to many fans, the first name that pops into their head is no other than Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne which is a no-brainer to many. In addition to the Prince of Darkness, Marilyn Manson also has a reputation for creating debates over the years.

While their notorious fame wasn’t created overnight since these two musicians have many stories that contributed to the creation of their reputation, both Osbourne and Manson were exposed to rumors and false accusations throughout their careers as well. Since the crazy stories cannot stop from being told, the two rockers often don’t even react to them. Lucky for us, there was one time when Ozzy and Marilyn were together and shed light on some questionable allegations about them.

Ozzy Osbourne And Marilyn Manson Revealed The Truth Behind Rumors

During an interview with Howard Stern back in 1998 when the two didn’t know each other yet, both Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne opened up about the unbelievable rumors about themselves. The things that they heard sound nothing but ridiculous and to hear how insane these stories are from firsthand was a relief for many fans.

Apparently, Marilyn Manson had to sue a group of people after being accused of a list of ludicrous accusations such as promoting rape within the audience. When Stern brought the subject into the conversation, the musician revealed a long list of other things his band had been accused of that isn’t true.

In addition to the rape situation, Manson revealed one of the most outrageous allegations that are out there and said his band supposedly lowered a cage filled with children into the audience so that they can beat them to death. Furthermore, his band had people in the crowd carrying bags filled with drugs to pass out to the audience. The rocker stressed these people have an absurd way of thinking since none of these stories are true.

Manson’s statement follows:

“I’ll tell you the whole list of things they said. Besides the violent stuff they said including we lowered a cage full of children into the audience and had the entire crowd beat them to death. They had this weird thing they said we had special minions that we call the Santa Clauses and they pass out big bags of cocaine and marijuana to the audience. We wouldn’t be giving it away for free. These people are sick.”

Every fan knows what a wild personality the Godfather of Metal always had. Osbourne has dozens of stories that may sound made-up but they oftentimes turn out to be true. The musician one bit the head of a bat thinking it’s fake, he drank his own urine and snorted a line of ants while under the influence. The list may go on and on, therefore, fans have every right to believe a crazy story about the rocker but they don’t always reflect the truth.

During the interview, the former Black Sabbath singer opened up about the time when his daughter Kelly came home from school and her teacher told the little Kelly a peculiar story about his father. Apparently, that teacher went to a concert of Ozzy, and allegedly, he wanted a bucket filled with spit from the audience to drink prior to going on stage which wasn’t the case.

In his own words, Osbourne said:

“They are sicker than we are. My kid comes off from school and she says, ‘Daddy, my teacher said to me that he went to one of your concerts and you wouldn’t go on stage until all the audience spat into a bucket and you drank it.‘ I said, ‘Kelly, what’s the matter with you?'”

It is fair to say that these rumors sound incredibly ridiculous and outrageous, but they also don’t come out of anywhere considering both musicians’ reputations. However, it should be mentioned that people would come up with these types of false assumptions anyway since there’s a majority of people who are prejudice against metal musicians regardless of their history. Therefore, fans are thrilled to see both Osbourne and Manson clear up the misunderstanding about their image at some point during their career.

You can watch the entire interview below.