You can find out “which Metallica album are you” with this test, created by Avi Blum on Playbuzz. Enjoy!

Do not forget to write the results to the comment.

  • Cory Richards

    I got …And Justice For All

  • caseyparnell

    And Justice For All

  • DantallicA

    Kill ‘Em All!!!

  • Ryan davis

    BLACK ALBUM !!!!!

  • Sean Hogan

    Ride the lightning. Hell yeah

  • Cedric

    The Black Album

    Have seen it on Stage in 91 and 2012

  • Guillaume

    Master of Puppets…. The Best ever !!!!

  • Maarten

    Rode the Lightning m/

  • Juho

    I got the Black album! Thats nice cause ive born that year

  • Miad174

    Black Albnm!!!! TheBest…

  • Jay…?

    Master of Puppets….

  • Jay


  • dustin

    Master of puppets. This album single handedly got me through the worst of my teenage angst years.. my personal favorite that encapsulates all of what’s the best in past and future albums. It’s like you are a battery and this album is the charge. This band became my number one favorite even after I destroyed 3 cassettes in my Walkman from overplaying it. I should have been a tester for energizer and duracel back then. 🙂

  • Sergio David ?

    Ride the Lightening

    fuego con fuego lml

  • Master of Puppets! I’m o.k.with that!

  • Pablo

    And Justice For All.

  • Yes! Justice! ? my favourite album ????

  • Stephane

    Yeah je suis MASTER OF puppets le meilleur album