Do you love Metallica? Of course! Well, which Metallica member are you? You will learn that.

Please write the results on comment.

  • Jesse Avila

    Lars it is ?

  • julia yarbrough

    Jason…I can live with that 😉 energetic..and goofy..yup got that covered

  • Colin Price

    James Hetfield. The reason i picked uo a guitar.

  • James,majes sense to me,love rhythm playing.

  • kevin

    tous !!!!

  • Piotr Henryk

    No member. Just Metallica. It’s my live.

  • Esther de Graaf

    I’m james hetfield.

  • I got James “) YEAH

  • Sharon

    I am the table! I got James Hetfield?

  • johnna bach

    The one and only JAMES!!!

  • Im James Hetfield Yeah Yeah~ M/~,~F/

  • James

    “Papa” the best front man ever….

  • Kyle

    Papa Het!!

  • Im James… ?

  • Chuck Cunningham

    Ooooha! James Hetfield. YEAHA! m/

  • Anthony

    I’m Dave Scott Mustaine…. how very cool m/

  • Andrea Canonico


  • Andrea Canonico
  • Daniela Cavedem

    Lars ❤❤❤

  • Helena Svanström

    Jason Newstead ❤

  • John Book

    James Hetfield!!!!