Former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg revealed late Van Halen icon Eddie Van Halen’s favorite out of two legendary guitarists, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, during a conversation with Kylie Olsson.

As you may know, Adrian Vandenberg had a band named ‘Manic Eden’ for a short period of time. Apparently, back then, they were recording at a close place to Eddie Van Halen’s house which led him to spend some time with Eddie Van Halen.

In addition to having recording sessions at close locations, Adrian Vandenberg is also Dutch just like Eddie Van Halen. Therefore the two had the opportunity to talk in their mother language which helped them to get even closer in time.

During a recent interview he joined, Vandenberg opened up about the times he spent with Eddie and stated that the two got close since having a conversation in Dutch was fun for both sides.

Here is what Adrian stated about his friendship with Eddie Van Halen:

“I went to Eddie’s home a bunch of times when I was recording in 1994, the Manic Eden album, a group I had with Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Aldridge, and Ron Young.

And we were recording pretty close to Eddie’s house – and he’s Dutch, as most people will know – so it was for him a lot of fun to talk in Dutch.”

During the interview, Adrian also revealed that Eddie Van Halen asked him his favorite guitar player, and seemingly, Vandenberg’s all-time favorite was Jimi Hendrix. Surprisingly, Eddie Van Halen stated that Hendrix was too sloppy for him and his favorite was actually Eric Clapton.

Here is what Vandenberg said:

“We didn’t really play-play, we just were there with guitars on the left. And he asked me who my favorite guitar player was.

I said, ‘Well, it’s Jimi Hendrix.’ And he thought Jimi Hendrix was too sloppy; his favorite was Eric Clapton.”

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