During a recent interview with Eddie Trunk, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale has shared his thoughts about possible retirement.

He said that ‘I really felt that we owed the Whitesnake fans a new original record.’

Here’s the statement:

“Well, I wanna keep going. It’s the passion. I really felt that we owed the Whitesnake fans a new original record. That was very primary on my thought process of doing this. But, yeah, obviously, I’m 67 years old now. But I had a blast out there.”

He continued:

“The guys were telling me — and they certainly don’t have to — [they] were very complimentary about my performances through last summer. It’s really up to me to stay as healthy and as in shape as I can.

It was hard to get into shape for me regarding what I’ve been through and my body had been through at my age in 2017, but I so love performing.

You’re gonna have to get me off with one of those shepherd’s crooks — pull me off to the side. But, yeah, I’m very reinvigorated, energized and very inspired to give it everything I have. For how long, I don’t know.”

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Whitesnake’s new album “Flesh & Blood” will be released on May 10, 2019. You can listen to their latest single track called “Shut Up & Kiss Me” below.