Guitarist of Whitesnake, Joel Hoekstra spoke in an interview with Talking Shred, and revealed a fact about himself as a guitarist.

He said that ‘I’m not a shredder, I’m a guitar player’. Here’s the entire statement Joel made about what he thinks on being shredder:

“I have done it in a great room with great mics and a great engineer, so that jump-started another section of my career. It’s just – if you always work and just keep jump-starting things and doing things, then certain things will take off.

I don’t think that stuff will ever take off for me in terms of commercial success, but it’s something I’m really glad I did as a player and as a musician, to have that there for those that, I guess, only know, like, the things I’ve done in hard rock, which there’s a lot of.

It’s kind of cool to be able to show people that I’ve done other things. I’ve had way more of a diverse career that even is represented online.

I had to find a way to survive during the ’90s, which was, like, you couldn’t shred in the ’90s. Shred was, like, a total derogatory word in the ’90s. There’s still a part of me that hates being called a shredder, like, ‘I’m not a shredder, I’m a guitar player.'”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement.