The founder of Whitesnake and the former member of Deep Purple, David Coverdale revealed that he hopes to do a farewell tour and began to the preparations for it.

Coverdale admitted that he is ready for the retirement in a recent conversation he made with Marci Wiser of the 95.5 KLOS radio station. They talked about the ongoing coronavirus controversies along with how the illness affected Coverdale indirectly.

David Coverdale said that he could not do the farewell tour which he has been planning for some time now. He explained that he will eventually do the tour after the pandemic, and he is designing the t-shirts already now. Coverdale only asked people to wear masks so that he can finally be able to do his gratitude tour at 69.

Here is what Coverdale said in the interview:

“I was hoping to be able to do my farewell tour, my gratitude tour at 69. What better age for the singer of Whitesnake to retire than 69? I’m already designing the t-shirts.”

He continued to his words related to coronavirus and said:

“Making this incredible pandemic a political issue is the most ridiculous thing I can imagine. We’re never gonna get out. I’m never gonna be able to do my fucking farewell tour. C’mon, wear a fucking mask, so we can go out again.”

You can listen to the full interview here.