Whitesnake Reveals The Latest Health Status Of David Coverdale’s Son After Having Pneumonia Surgery

David Coverdale, the founder of the popular English band Whitesnake, recently posted a photo on Whitesnake’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts and reassured his fans that his son Jasper has had a successful surgery and that he has returned home safely.

Whitesnake is an English hard rock band that was formed in 1978 by David Coverdale after he decided to leave Deep Purple. Whitesnake’s official Instagram account is also in a way David’s account as the user name is White Snake but the account is named David Coverdale.

Coverdale enjoys actively using his Instagram and Twitter accounts to announce his -and Whitesnake’s- latest projects, share sneak peeks from his daily life, and interact with his fans. In his recent Instagram post, Coverdale informed his fans and followers that their son Jasper has had a successful surgical procedure and that he’s back home.

For those who don’t know, Jasper was diagnosed with an intense version of bacterial pneumonia

in early December 2020. His health kept deteriorating and he had to spend the holidays in the hospital. However, he didn’t give up the fight and made it through. Now he’s undergone hopefully his final surgery and he’s resting in his family’s house, and probably making up for the lost holiday season.

Here’s what David said in the caption of his Instagram post and posted as a tweet:

“Truly happy to share our son Jasper had a successful surgical procedure this morning. Home safe with a Heimlich Valve dangling sexily from his side. Hopefully only for 2 weeks. Our sincere gratitude, again, to the amazing Doctors & Nurses At Reno RENOWN!!!”

Click here to check out David Coverdale’s Instagram post and you can check out his tweet below.

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