The lead singer of Whitesnake, David Coverdale, made a question & answer session on the band’s official Instagram page and responded lots of wondered questions from his favorite Beatles song to how he stays positive in the self-quarantine days.

As Dave responded to the question of the fan, he could not name a specific Beatles song and stated that he could listen to every single song of ‘Revolver’ album over and over again.

Here is the question of the fan:

“What is your favorite Beatles song? Please say hello to me! Rodrigo from Rio, Brazil.”

Here is what David said, transcribed by Metalheadzone:

“I don’t have particularly one Beatles song. I have lots and lots and lots… But I think ‘Revolver’ is that I can listen to from beginning to end over and over again.

Thank you Rodrigo.”

You can watch the Instagram Stories video and listen to the ‘Revolver’ of The Beatles below.

Last month, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale was interviewed by Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station and talked about the prospect of retirement in 2021.

Here’s what David Coverdale stated:

“I have a feeling it’s gonna take a little while to get things back to any semblance of what we knew before. So what we have to do is think outside the box.

I have to get this surgery and get up and running. And what better age for the Whitesnake lead singer to go out and retire on — 69.”

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