Whitesnake’s David Coverdale had a recent interview with “Let There Be Talk” podcast, and he was asked what Coverdale thinks about A&R executive John Kalodner.

David slammed Kalodner and said that he doesn’t have any good word to say about him.

Here is David’s statement:

“I don’t have a good word to say about him anymore. We served a purpose for each other at the time. He’s burnt pretty much every bridge of everyone he’s worked with, including me.

I said to him, ‘Don’t call me on my birthday…’ He would call me on my birthday and stuff, and I said, ‘Not anymore. Enough already.’ He did some stupid TV documentary where he was extremely rude. He’s not interesting to me.

“There are some people who come into your life for a time, for a period of time, and his time’s up… Not interested.”

You can listen to the entire episode below:

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