Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale was the recent guest of the YouTube channel of Joe Bonamassa and talked about whether Bob Dylan or Tom Waits would be auditioned to ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Idol.’

You might know that before forming Whitesnake back in 1978, Coverdale tried his chance in the audition of Deep Purple which was looking for singers to replace Ian Gillan. In the latest episode of ‘Live From Nerdville with Joe Bonamassa,’ while recalling these days, David also shared his honest thoughts on Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

While admitting that he never watched any of these reality singing competitions, according to Whitesnake frontman, Dylan and Tom would certainly pass any audition of him. He also confessed that he can not play Tom Waits songs in his home because his wife can not embrace aspects of country blues.

Coverdale shared his thoughts on these stars saying:

“I never watch them so I don’t know. They certainly passed the audition with me. I fucking adore Dylan and Tom. One of the first vocals, the original ‘Here I Go Again’ I did with Bernie [Marsden, guitar], was, ‘Listening to Tom Waits on the old gramophone.’

Just making words, I only had a part of the song written. I think Tom Waits is amazing. There are certain records that I can’t play at home because my wife can’t embrace the aspect of country blues. I think that stuff is gorgeous, so when she’s off shopping, that’s what is on!”

You can watch the whole conversation below.