Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale spoke in the interview with Michele Amabile and unveiled the details about his upcoming surgery. Also, David explained why he needs surgery.

As you might remember, David announced that he has been suffering from two bilateral hernias since 2020 and revealed how bad it feels. However, he couldn’t have surgery due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In the latest conversation, David stated that this surgery is not life-threatening at all. But, it will be definitely a career-threatening one because he wouldn’t be able to sing as he was in prime time.

Here is what David Coverdale said:

“I haven’t been able to have the surgery, as career-threatening as it is, ’cause I can’t project loud and sing the kind of songs people know. It’s painful, and it actually gets me out of some of the domestic work here, I can’t do too much heavy lifting.

As it isn’t a life-threatening situation, I’m not in line yet to have the surgery. It’s an interesting time. And with my age, it’s probably gonna be a three or four-month recovery period. So I’m still waiting to have that surgery. It’s a bugger, isn’t it? It really is.”

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