Whitesnake vocalist David Coverdale spoke in the recent podcast with Appetite for Distortion and broke his silence about his health status in the conversation.

David stated that he is suffering from two bilateral hernias since the start of this year, and it felt horrible during the show at Melbourne in February 2020. Also, David said that he needs to have surgery to get through this issue.

However, David couldn’t have any surgery right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. He explained that the hospitals are engaged with the coronavirus patients and said that his problem is not as significant as their right now. With this statement, David showed how kind-hearted he is and earned the massive respect of his followers.

Here is what David Coverdale said:

“I can only do so much physically because I’m suffering from two bilateral hernias, which made their very unwelcome presence felt at my first show in Melbourne earlier this year.

So I have to have that surgically addressed as soon as possible. Right now, understandably, it’s not something to bring to the front line.”

David added:

“Hospitals are all engaged with coronavirus victims, quite understandably, so I’ll have to exercise patience and just not strain myself.”

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