Whitesnake vocalist David Coverdale has shared a new video on his official Twitter account and premiered the new song he wrote in self-quarantine days for the first time ever.

As you might already know, coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that made people self-isolate themselves to protect from this danger. So far, over 1M cases have confirmed all around the world.

David showed a short part of this song, named ‘Vacuum & Dust,’ and put a smile on his followers’ faces with the funny lyrics and gestures. With this song, David joined the musicians who increase the morale of the people in these tough times like Brian May, Mike Shinoda, and more.

Here is what David Coverdale wrote:

“Vacuum & Dust”

A fan named Rosie added this comment:

Oh, sweet David, Thank you for making my day awesome! You are so unique and if I would I’ll come to help you with this cleaning stuffs. You have magical artists’ hands!”

Another fan named Emma said:

“Perfect and very funny too. You are special.”

You can check out the video below.