Metallica is often regarded as one of the greatest heavy metal bands in music history thanks to its exceptional career that spans over four decades. Throughout these forty years, the band members released countless monumental tracks such as ‘Master of Puppets,’ ‘Fade to Black,’ ‘Creeping Death,’ and many more.

Since the band has achieved undeniable commercial success, selling over 125 million albums worldwide, their fans love witnessing their creative process while recording their albums and how they come up with such classics. Lucky for them, Metallica has uploaded numerous videos on their official YouTube channel that allows their fans to take a look into their time in the studio.

In addition to seeing how they put these tracks together, fans also get the opportunity to see which member plays which role during their recording sessions and their interactions. We’re here today to decide which member dominates these recording sessions based on these videos and see Metallica’s leader when it comes to making these tracks.

James Hetfield Creates The Brilliant Guitar Riffs

Along with being the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist, James Hetfield is also the primary lyricist of Metallica. Thanks to his impeccable songwriting skills and innovative guitar riffs, Hetfield has made immense contributions to the band for the past forty years.

In the released videos such as the one that revealed the making of ‘Moth Into Flame,’ the second single from their tenth studio album ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct,’ James Hetfield is often spotted creating the guitar riffs.

Thanks to his excellent work, the band creates iconic tracks such as ‘Moth Into Flame,’ and fans admire his ability to develop a riff and perfect it. However, it wouldn’t be fair to say that he’s the mastermind behind Metallica’s legendary tracks since another member is in charge of putting the pieces together and directing every other member, including Hetfield.

Lars Ulrich Is Arranging The Tracks

Despite receiving endless criticism about his drumming skills since the formation of Metallica, drummer Lars Ulrich is often praised for managing the band like a business person. In addition to this, the musician has usually understood what their fans expect from them musically and applied this to Metallica’s recordings.

As seen in the videos of the band’s behind the scenes, including the making of ‘Hardwired,’ which is the lead single from their tenth studio album, the Metallica drummer is clearly the member who decides which element goes in which order during the recording sessions. In addition, Lars Ulrich also directs other band members when it comes to their duties, and many fans think his arranging skills are over the moon.

Although many videos prove that Ulrich is the dominant decision-maker in Metallica, his harmony with James Hetfield must be mentioned since the vocalist is the one who provides the necessary material to the drummer besides the other members of the band.

You can watch the making of ‘Moth Into Flame’ and ‘Hardwired’ below.