On social media, Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider responded to a fan’s comment about Alice In Chains‘ late vocalist Layne Staley being rather shy off stage and revealed this certain personal trait was actually the reason why they didn’t tour much with Layne.

Alice in Chains’ original lead singer Layne Staley, known for his distinct vocal style and tenor voice,  sadly passed away in 2002. Staley was only 34 years old when his body was found at his house two weeks after his death. Later it was revealed that his tragic death was caused by a mixture of heroin and cocaine called ‘speedball.’

Recently on Twitter, Dee Snider’s comments on the unfortunate statements of Spotify CEO Daniel Ek claiming the artists not providing enough music. Snider called Ek as a ‘Bullet-Head Asshole‘ which started a discussion between his fans about the musicians being humble.

A Twitter user commented on Dee’s statement claiming that the musicians should stop complaining and try to be more modest so that they could receive the appreciation of the fans.

A fan agreed to the idea of musicians being humble and gave the example of Layne Staley. In her tweet, she stated that there were several accounts proving Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley was actually a pretty shy person while he was not on stage.

Here’s the tweet posted by a fan named Kristen defending the humbleness of Layne Staley:

Of course you would be much more keen about it than I would… but from the accounts I’ve heard, Layne Staley from AIC off the stage was a shy and goofy dude.

As a response to the tweet, Dee Snider claimed that this particular personal trait of Staley was indeed the reason why Alice In Chains didn’t prefer touring much with him. Moreover, he asserted that Layne was quite uncomfortable being in front of the crowd on stage which also affected his music.

Here’s how Dee Snider replied to the criticism regarding the much-needed confidence of the musicians:

Which is why Alice In Chains didn’t tour much with Layne. He was uncomfortable on stage and in front of a crowd. RIP Layne.”

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his official Twitter account below.