Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne has quite a reputation considering the crazy lifestyle he has led during his exceptional music career that spans over more than five decades. The Prince of Darkness has a long list of partaking in shocking incidents such as biting the head of a bat on stage, drinking his urine, and snorting a line of ants.

Long before the whole world recognized him as the Godfather of Metal, Ozzy Osbourne had his ways of getting in trouble as a kid, and he has a story to prove it. The musician once revealed the story of how he ended up in prison for weeks after stealing from his neighbor’s shop. Let’s see how young Ozzy got in trouble long before his fame.

Ozzy Osbourne Was Expected To Earn Money As A Kid

For those of you who might not know, Ozzy Osbourne was raised in a small two-bedroom home by his mother Lilian, who worked days at a factory, and father John Thomas, who worked night shifts as a toolmaker. He had three older sisters, Jean, Iris, Gillian, and two younger brothers, Paul and Tony.

Growing up, little Ozzy was expected to find a job and bring money to the house. Since he was a rebellious kid, which isn’t surprising, Osbourne never worked consistently. The rocker once admitted that his mother used to yell at him for not bringing any money to the house, which must be highly traumatizing for a little kid.

Ozzy Osbourne looked back on his family and said:

“I was a rebellious kid. I didn’t like commitment, I couldn’t hold a job down. I was always being yelled at by my mother for not bringing any money into the house. I was a bit of a drifter really. I left home but I didn’t really have anywhere to go. I used to doss around on people’s couches. I was a bit of a social butterfly in a working-class environment.”

Due to being the feisty kid in the house who couldn’t help his family when it came to money, young Ozzy Osbourne decided to pursue a dangerous career. The outcome was far more serious than he anticipated, but he learned a vital lesson; let’s take a look.

Ozzy Osbourne Went To Prison After Breaking Into A Shop

During an interview with Big Issue back in 2014, the Black Sabbath frontman opened up about the time he pursued an illegal path to make money. Apparently, the musician broke into his neighbor’s shop, which ended with him going to prison.

While trying to find jobs that he’s good at, Ozzy Osbourne decided to try stealing, which was the worst decision since the rocker stated that he wasn’t good at robbery. Osbourne got caught in less than three weeks, and his actions sent him to jail, and he spent six weeks there.

According to Big Issue, Osbourne said:

“I tried to find things I was good at. I tried a bit of burglary but I was no good at that. Fucking useless. I didn’t do any major burglary jobs. It was less than three weeks before I got caught. My dad said to me, that was very stupid. And I did feel very stupid. I didn’t pay my fine and I got put in jail for a few weeks. That was a short, sharp lesson. It certainly curbed my career in a burglary.”

Fortunately, it was a great life lesson that taught young Ozzy Osbourne what he should avoid, such as stealing and going to prison. Regardless of the moral lesson in the story, fans find it quite amusing to hear that even at such a young age, Osbourne was determined to be the defiant person he is today.