As you know, Kirk Hammett did not make any contributions to Metallica’s new album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”.  There’s a Kirk Hammett sign on guitar solos. When he wrote the solos he said that Lars was coaching him.

One of the reasons that Kirk did not contribute to the composition was the loss of the phone in which the new riffs were found. The phone, which contained 250 new riffs, was lost. Kirk Hammett has just made new explanations about this.

He spoke in an interview with BraveWords. First, he told how he lost the phone. He said:

“Let’s just say it’s like, the reverberations for me, the consequences of losing my cell phone have been immense. I mean, it doesn’t matter who you are or what type of person you are, I think losing your cell phone is traumatic for anyone. And I mean, okay, I lost my phone, I lost a lot of music, but I mean, people lose cell phones, they lose all their personal information, you know? I’m kind of a technological sloth. It took me losing my iPhone to figure out that I can back it up to the iCloud. And the ironic thing about that is, the guy who invented the cloud is my next-door neighbor (laughs).

Later, he talked about the riffs he lost:

“Let me tell you this. I had about, I don’t know, 450 entries in there, which means there were about 250, 300 riffs, because a lot of times I’ll write different versions of the same riff. And when I lost my phone, I could only recall about four riffs. So I’ve closed the book on that (laughs). And, you know, I’m sitting on some music—now!—that I’m happy about. I’m just waiting, waiting for an opportunity, you know, where it can grow.

And, you know, I’m always writing music. Every time I pick up my guitar, I’m hoping I can write the next ‘Rock The Nation’ or something.

There was also a small comment from Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, about Kirk’s zero contribution to the new Metallica album. Click here to read.