The official Instagram page of Guns N’ Roses recently shared an IGTV in which the band performed their brand new song, ‘Absurd‘ during their ‘We’re F’N Back!’ tour. While the band had high hopes for this track, fans seem to disagree as they left dozens of negative comments under the video.

As some of you might know, GNR performed a new song called ‘Absurd’ during the second show of their ‘We’re F’N Back!’ tour at Boston’s Fenway Park a month ago. Although lead singer Axl Rose introduced the track as new during the show, the song was actually a new version of ‘Silkworms,’ originally intended to be released with ‘Chinese Democracy.’

After the live performance, Guns N’ Roses announced the song’s official release via their official Instagram account. Although fans agreed that this new version of ‘Silkworms’ is way better than the original, and it initially excited them, a recent update revealed that fans are dissatisfied with the release since they had higher expectations from the band.

After the band shared a video on its official Instagram page in which they were performing the new song during their show in Dallas, fans felt the need to express their opinions by leaving comments under the post. Most of these comments included how much GN’R fans hated ‘Absurd,’ especially after waiting years for new material.

Furthermore, the music video for ‘Absurd’ on the band’s official YouTube channel has a total of 15k dislikes and also dozens of comments by fans who hated the track. According to many, the song didn’t satisfy the fans because Axl Rose sounds significantly different than usual after all the vocal effects. ‘Absurd’ sounds overall floppy, as if the band didn’t put enough effort into making the track.

The comment that sums up the IG post‘s comments section follows:

“By far the worst Gn’R song…”

A fan commented about Axl’s voice under YouTube video:

“Axl’s voice has more effects than Slash’s guitar”

Another fan harshly criticized the song:

“This song has been in the works for 20 years but sounds like it could’ve been thrown together in an afternoon.”
You can listen to ‘Absurd’ by Guns N’ Roses below.