Joey Jordison was fired silently from Slipknot in 2013. Since then, a successful musician who has chosen to remain silent about the subject, finally told the truth of the incident.

Joey tells the reason why he was fired at Slipknot in an interview with He said:

“Basically, what it was is after a tour, I was getting… Actually, during the end of a Slipknot tour, I was getting really ill, and I didn’t know what it was. My legs were starting to fail on me as I was playing, and it was scary, sitting up on stage with thousands and thousands of people right in front of me looking at me. And everyone thought I might be under the influence of something, and that was absolutely not the case whatsoever. And I’m sitting there and I’m trying to play my parts that come like second nature to me, that I have been doing for years and years and years with no problem. And it was freaking me out. And I was getting carried offstage, and all of a sudden I had to be carried onstage, all this stuff. My legs completely just dropped off pretty much the bottom of my body. And the scary thing was I had no clue what the condition is.

So when I got back home after the tour… I made it through the tour, and I had to go into the hospital. It took ’em a little while to diagnose exactly what it was, and when we found out, it was, like, ‘Oh my God! It makes total sense.’ It’s a weird, weird condition. But what I did is I kept myself positive, and I kept my eye on the prize. And no matter what, I’m, like, drumming is my gift, music is a gift, life is a gift, and I’m not going to not walk again. And it was tough, man, to get back this point. And the people that I had around me that surrounded me, with, like, my lady and all the trainers, all the people in the gyms that I went to… There was a ton of people — the doctors and all that stuff — that helped me get back, make me stronger than I’ve ever been. And I’m just more positive.”

Slipknot members then kicked Joey. Probably because they thought Joey could not play it back.

In the interview, Joey introduced the his new band “Vimic”. You can listen to the whole interview from below.