During a recent interview with Planet Rock, Disturbed frontman David Draiman has shared his thoughts on Rob Halford, Freddie Mercury and Ronnie James Dio.

He also explained that what made Freddie Mercury the greatest frontman of rock history. Here’s the statement:

“I always tried to approach how I do what I do the same way that I feel that the great vocalists of all time would have approached it, whether it’s [Rob] Halford or [Ronnie James] Dio. I try to be as pure and as direct and as resonant as I possibly can within my own respective abilities. Not that I’m anywhere close to either one of those two — they’re human freaks of nature.

May one of them rest in peace and may the other stay with us for many, many years to come. Between the two of them in particular, you’re talking about two of the greatest voices of all time.

He continued and mentioned about Freddie Mercury:

“Certainly not to not include what, in my opinion, was one of the greatest vocalists to ever sing, but the greatest frontman that the world has ever seen, Freddie Mercury. His range, his charisma, his presence — everything about him — just the quintessential frontman.”

You can watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)