Why Ritchie Blackmore Is Completly Unreachable? Deep Purple Singer Reveals The Stunning Reason

During a recent interview with The Guardian, Deep Purple’s lead vocalist Ian Gillan talked about the legendary guitarist of the band, Ritchie Blackmore, and explained why he was an unreachable person.

While talking about the departure of Blackmore in the conversation, Ian mentioned why loyalty overrated by saying that there were lots of musicians who have stayed with a sinking ship when their time was over.

Furthermore, Ian stated that Blackmore and himself were both assholes back in the days and said that Blackmore has no electronic devices in his house like computers and telephones, and that’s why he is a hard man to reach out.

Here is what Ian Gillan said:

“I think loyalty is overrated. I’ve seen many musicians who have stayed with a sinking ship when their time has gone.

Certain things have a natural lifetime, and unless they’re refreshed by a change in personnel or circumstances, they become tired, and I don’t want any part of that.”

Ian also about Ritchie Blackmore:

“We were both arseholes… Ritchie has nothing electronic in his house – no computers, no telephones, nothing like that. So he’s completely unreachable. But we do pass messages, and the atmosphere is quite good.”

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