Wolfgang Van Halen, the current bassist of the band, has commented on the tweet of a Van Halen fan account in which they explained why some of the diehard Van Halen fans in the community hate him.

The official website of Van Halen named ‘The Van Halen Desk’ has released an article about the upcoming album of Wolfgang and has compiled the explanations Wolf Van Halen made on his Instagram account. The website emphasized that the new album will not be a ‘Van Halen’ album.

Based on the comments that have been made for the article, Wolfgang said on Twitter that it is hilarious how toxic comments are on the website whenever news about him came out. The UK fan page replied Wolfgang’s tweet and explained that he has faults in strategy and he has to improve PR for Van Halen.

Here is what Wolfgang said in his tweet:

“It’s hilarious how toxic comments are on this website whenever I’m brought up. The amount of hatred diehards have for me know no bounds.”

The fan page replied:

“I think improving PR for VH would help – update the website and SM or something, anything. Maybe stream some unreleased tracks, EVH jamming in the studio. This is why people are angry. Yeah, you replaced MA but it’s due to lack of fan communications and zero updates for VH.”

Wolfgang said after that:

“Yeah, that doesn’t give these people a reason to hate me so much. I’m not in charge of PR for the band.”

You can see the tweets of Wolfgang Van Halen and the fan account below.