In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation LA Invasion: Live From The Rainbow Bar & Grill”, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry spoke about the new album.

He confirmed that they are working on some materials but no rush… Here’s the statement:

Well, we’ve written a lot of songs together over the years. We’ve been to the room, the two of us [Perry and singer Steven Tyler] pounded it out, we’ve brought other people in to kind of spike the punch, so to speak.

And I’m starting to look at each generation that comes up and the songs they’re interested in, and there are people that really might not even be aware of the songs we did in the ’70s.

So there are some songs from that era that, if we went out to play them, it would be like hearing a new song. That said, I’m kind of, like, if it works out that we can work on some new stuff, that would be great.

But right now, we’re looking at pulling some of those old gems, some of those old album cuts, bringing them up and actually playing them the way that they should be played. Like a song like ‘Pandora’s Box’, which I do play in the solo tour.

Stuff that has horns on it, that has background singers. [The cover of] ‘[Remember] (Walking In The Sand)’, those kind of songs that we probably haven’t played live in 30 years. So I’m not going crazy wanting to write more songs. If it happens, it happens.

Aerosmith’s last album, “Pure… Fitness” was released in 2013.

You can listen entire interview from below.