Former drummer Joey Jordison spoke in an interview with Metal Wani and explained his thoughts about his current state of health. He said:

I’m completely, 100% back, stronger than I’ve ever been. And I’m not just saying that – that sounds like a cheesy fucking line, I understand.

But it took me a long time man, to recover and get my strength back because I got hit with something that – I never felt anything like this. We all know the flu, the common cold, all that type of stuff. This is nothing like that.

I woke up one day and my back was completely on fire. Next thing, my legs were wobbly, next thing you know I collapsed – I lost my legs. It was the scariest fucking thing I ever went through in my life.”

Back to June 2016, Joey Jordison spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer and said “Slipknot return would be fucking awesome”. Click here to reach that interview via Loudwire.