Mammoth WVH frontman and former Van Halen guitarist, Wolfgang Van Halen, was the interview guest of RockSverige this week and talked about his solo band’s upcoming self-titled debut album as well as Van Halen’s iconic album ‘5150.’

As you may already know, 5150 is the seventh-ever studio recording of legendary Van Halen, and it was released by Warner Brother Records back in 1986. While it was the band’s first-ever studio album that was recorded with Sammy Hagar who was the replacement of David Lee Roth.

While it’s one of the most controversial albums of the Van Halen story and got mixed reviews from many authorities like Rolling Stone, AllMusic, and many other professional reviewers, ‘5150’ was mostly criticized for being a pop-metal album at all.

In his latest interview with Wolf was asked what he really thinks about Van Halen’s first album without DLR. As VH fans still celebrate the 35th anniversary of the album, Wolf admitted that he’s not picky and stated Eddie’s one of the best tracks ever is in that album.

Here is what Wolf said about 5150:

“It’s phenomenal! I think there’s something great to be found on every Van Halen album. I’m not picky. I mean, ‘Dreams’ is on this album and it´s one of the best songs my father ever wrote, I think. That melody is untouchable.”

You can listen to ‘Dreams’ right below.

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